Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The Transition from Student to Employee

Being a final year student at University, the prospect of what to do after graduation is one that is constantly looming over our heads.

As well as acing that report in Brand Management or revising for an important Marketing exam, we now have several aspects of our working lives to juggle. The attitudes of many students have now changed. We hear worrying reports about a shortage of jobs in the industry, so how do we put ourselves in the best position to get employed after graduation? The buzz word of being "a rounded individual" is being constantly thrown at us, but what does it actually mean? Our particular University has us on a designated module called "Career Development and Planning", but does doing that get us a killer job in Sports Marketing? Well, Maybe!

When looking at our timetables before we started, it was fair to say that we as students approached this module with caution."We are Sports Marketing students, we want to learn about Sports Marketing!" was the initial feeling.  After an introductory lecture, we were straight to the office of the course leader to change to a different subject. 

However, we are now six weeks in, and its fair to say opinions have changed. As students, we were aware of being "a rounded individual", but now we have an action plan to become rounded individuals. What we have been taught is what we should be doing between now and graduation to put us in the best possible position to land our dream jobs.

Whereas in the past everything seemed so linear, the adage of get a good degree therefore get a good job is not necessarily the case anymore. With the help of this module, it has given us a realisation before it is too late.

So what exactly does one have to do to make themselves more employable? Its difficult to know where to start, with everything from creating an online presence to researching industries and gaining valuable insights being very important. But for me personally, it doesn't matter if I don't learn anything from here forward, because the realisation mentioned earlier could possibly turn out to be the single most important thing I will learn all year.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

University of Northampton - Promotional Video

We were recently asked to do some promotional work for the University of Northampton, which entailed describing what is was to be a sports marketing student.

Here is the video

Head in the Clouds

Being a university student at present gives one a number of amazing technological opportunities.

The problem is, it seems that they are being totally ignored by at least 95% of students. There are many who moan and groan about how difficult organisation and efficiency is, with so many distractions that are thrown at them.

The technology is out there to make our lives as students much easier! When describing the benefits of such programs, the response is often that of caution. Will it make any difference? Will it be easy to set up? Will I still be using it after a week? The answer to all these questions will more than likely be YES!

It is amazing to think it has been two years since my university career began, and how technology has changed the way I operate as a student. All of my work is now online, in the "cloud", and there for me anywhere I go. No more "I forgot my USB stick" or "i'll have to email it to you". Let me share some information about two of the best bits of tech for a student to have.

The first, and the most important, is an online file sharing service. I use Dropbox myself, but there are many options available depending on personal preference. As a student, I can instantly back up any work I have done, and have it instantly transported across all of my devices. It is at its best when doing group-work. My number 1 tip for any student undertaking a group project is to get dropbox! Get everyone to get a free account, make a file that everyone can share with each other, and watch as group members can simultaneously update and view work from any member. Its that simple! Imagine a power point that everyone can add there own ideas to without having to email it around like playing pass the parcel.

The other tool that has been crucial for me is a tablet computer. I use an ipad, but there are now hundreds of options available at a variety of price points. The reason for this device is simple, when you go to lectures, it is your best friend! As well as being easy to transport, the tablet will let you write up simple notes, or even record the lecture if you are feeling lazy. After the lecture, upload everything wirelessly to Dropbox and there you have it. After time, you will automatically build an online portfolio of notes and work that is organised into simplistic folders, no paper or untidiness!

It really is a simple decision, it is time to get your head in the clouds!