Monday, 12 November 2012

Killing ten birds with one stone

It is widely accepted that attending lectures is of significant importance to attaining the best degree possible. The question I would like to raise is how important is turning up to lectures? Is it possible to get all the required information online nowadays? Would using the time I spend in lectures be better spent doing my own research?

All of these questions are ones that I will never attempt to answer while I am still at university. There is a sense of guilt if a lecture is missed, a sense of what I may be missing out on. However, in the last 12 months, I believe that a lot of the content we have been taught has been invaluable. The reason for this is integration between lectures is far more prominent. For example, one particular lecture may give me knowledge for that respective assignment, but also give me an extra insight to look at something else from a different perspective.

The was perfectly summed up in the career development session earlier today. We had a guest speaker talk to us about how he set up his own business. Primarily, the session gave us insight into how to start up a business, and the ideas behind his company. Despite this being very interesting in its own right, it so happened that his business directly related to another major piece of work from another module. After a brief conversation, he had allowed us access to crucial data and given us contact information for the head of research from the English Football Association.

So after walking in to a career development session, I walked out much further along the line in a totally different area. If this opportunity had not arisen, it would have taken weeks to get the same level of research. Lectures may seem at times like a pointless exercise, but without them, you will miss more than just the bare facts!

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