Friday, 30 November 2012

Microsoft UK visit University of Northampton

Sports marketing students Ben Warren and Callum Hill were privileged today to speak to Tony Henderson, who offered his expertise to the University of Northampton. Tony is the Account Director of Microsoft UK and specialises in technology and engineering. Ben and Callum are currently in the process of developing a start-up business in the mobile technology sector.

After an inspiring lecture about Tony's career and his role at Microsoft, our attention shifted to a "Dragon's Den" style pitch, whereby we spoke about our business idea. Tony was really helpful in giving us feedback and advice for the future, as well as providing opportunities to further aid the process of starting up a business.

Receiving positive feedback has been fantastic for us, but to hear this from an expert in the industry reinforces our beliefs that our idea could be a success. We are committed to using the knowledge that we have acquired at university to help us along the way, as well as using our position as students to our advantage. We can get instant free business advice from a number of sources, and we are very grateful to a number of University lecturers for this.

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  1. A triumph of student potential being delivered on the biggest stage and also a true reflection of student endeavour and talent
    Well done guys!
    Alan J Seymour
    Senior Lecturer University of Northampton
    Course Leader Sports Marketing
    Northampton Business School