Friday, 4 May 2012

How can NFL globalise into the UK Market?

The campaign looks at improving the popularity of the sport in the UK by offering the sports consumer more touch points than are offered currently. The main idea behind the campaign is to offer more matches in the UK, and to officially re-launch the sport using a new innovate strategy. The campaign will focus on using up-to-date sport marketing techniques to ensure that the re-launch is successful. At present, there is one game in the UK per year, but the campaign would ensure something more substantial than a series of one-off fixtures that is required to sustain the fans' interest. The plan looks at increasing the number of venues available in the UK, and looking at the best scenario to ensure success in the UK, but also to avoid negative impacts in the USA. To increase the popularity, the plan will look at different areas of sports marketing objectives, including increased participation in UK schools and universities. This has already been achieved, with the British Universities American Football League has expanding from 42 teams to 67 last season (Bandini, 2011), but the campaign looks at providing a springboard for rapid improvements in the infrastructure and the provisions of American football in the UK. The last aspect of the campaign will focus on the long term future of the sport in the UK. There have been talks of the game having its own team from London competing in the NFL. The plan will assess the possibilities for this and look to tackle some of the problems that will occur.

The key reasons to this expansion into the UK are linked with the development of the game worldwide. They are too:

·         Increase participation levels of the sport outside of the USA

·         Increase awareness and raise the profile of the sport outside of the USA

·         Look into potential further worldwide growth, with a potential move of a UK franchise team in the long term.

The mission statement for the campaign is:

To provide sports consumers in the United Kingdom with improved access to the NFL, by offering more events to attend, watch and participate in all activity regarding American Football

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