Friday, 4 May 2012

How Weather can Affect Sport

Sporting events are often a seen as a window of commercial opportunity for organisations. The weather, conversely, is an external factor that can severely damage this opportunity both financially and non-financially. It has been shown to affect many different stakeholders involved in the event. It can also affect a wide variety of sporting areas, from local to mega events. In order to remain profitable, event managers must plan the event methodically to cover the possible implications that weather could have, from all aspects including marketing, finance and operations.  It is also crucial to implement these plans efficiently if a risk management decision has to be made. It should be understood that an event can still be successful and leave a positive legacy despite being affected by weather; if this is managed effectively. It is clear that events often struggle to overcome the weather, but it is possible to reduce its impact if the organisation is pro-active and makes the issue a priority.

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