Friday, 4 May 2012

My Thoughts on New Media and Technology

Wilson (2010) suggests that the technology and means available for delivering sport to different sections of society is continuing to grow rapidly. The technologically imperative society we live in has created multiple and expanded opportunities to do sports marketing. A recent culture change has seen a shift from a spectator culture to a participatory one. Jenkins (2011) defines a participatory culture as one where most people have the capacity to take media into their own hands and shape the circulation of ideas. This concept is making sports consumers more involved in the overall package that sport provides.

In order to fully realise the potential of this new phenomenon, it is recommended that new media strategies be flexible and innovative, to keep up with the demands of society. Mintel (2011) suggests that sports organisations should do more to improve fan engagement. Ideas such as smartphone applications have been successful, but can go much deeper. Concepts such as Wi-Fi to key sections of the stadium where core supporters sit, would enable mobile phone applications to connect these fans with team news, interviews, replays, live statistics and social media activity. A key quote from the media services provider from FIFA sums up how organisations should act on the topic:

"Experiment, do it early, and make sure you are not limited to just one platform going forward" Deltatre, 2011

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